I was recently on vacation and the first night I got into town I endured a long boarding accident and injured my lower back and hip. The pain was a ten for a solid day or two. Doctor said it had caused inflammation and deep swelling. We had originally thought I might have broken a small bone, or tore a muscle, due to how badly my movement was, or the lack thereof, and how consistent the pain was. But I was lucky, not just over the fact of not having something broken, but I knew Kelly knew quite a bit about recovery methods. She was able to get all kinds of aches and pulling I had formed from the injury, and very soon I went from not being able to get out of bed and shower without assistance to walking around places on my own, taking hikes and shopping. It opened my eyes to the field she positioned herself in, and it revealed the absolute passion she had for her career. She went above and beyond to see that I was back on my feet in no time. Thank you Kelly, for being so patient with me, and for providing a safe therapy I didn’t even know existed. You were made for this!