Tremendous Work & they really care about the well being of patients!


Kelly is amazing!!! She knows exactly how to work your muscles and fix the pain as no other!i absolutely recommend her service if you have any muscle pain!


The massage was so helpful, and felt simply AMAZING. Kelly is very knowledgeable and makes sure to inquire about areas that are causing discomfort—explaining which other areas are impacted and what the cause is.


My first time getting a massage so I can’t compare it to others but she did an excellent job. She was very professional and knowledgable. Definitely helped my back. Highly recommended.


My experience with Kelly was wonderful! She made sure to customize the massage to my needs and problem areas. As a fellow massage therapist, I was very impressed with her techniques and it was obvious how knowledgeable she is about the human body. I will definitely be back!


Kelly could not have been any better! She really took into account what I was looking for, and tailored my massage to that. Her space was so relaxing, and her technique was amazing. I can’t wait to go back!

Arayna S.

Kelly has listened attentively to my struggles and problems every time I’ve come to her. I always leave feeling refreshed and with a new tidbit of information to help care for my body. Love her🖤

Connor H.

After hurting my knee from running, and then not even being able to walk on it. I went to a doctor and was told it was just inflammation, and that I did not need to walk on it for a couple of weeks. Instead, I decided to go see Kelly. She was a miracle worker. After getting a massage from her I barely had a limp and the next week was back to working out. She knew exactly where the pain was coming from and was able to work out all the kinks and made it so relaxing. Kelly has a God given ability for massage therapy.

Heather Dewitz

Kelly was FABULOUS! She listened to what hurt the most and took extra time focusing on those areas. She took every detail into consideration which equaled the absolute best massage and most relaxing time I have ever experienced. Truly a calling for her life that she doesn’t take lightly!

Macie Southern

In November, I found myself suffering from severe shoulder pain that would not subside with heat, over-the-counter pain medication, etc. My first thought was to text Kelly to set up and appointment, and I’m so glad I did. I did not know the specifics of the treatments she would use, but I knew I had confidence in her and her practice. I felt immediate relief, and, within 24 hours, my pain was almost completely gone. God has truly blessed Kelly with many gifts, and massage therapy just happens to be one of them. She has an incredibly caring soul and is very knowledgeable. If you are in pain, in need of specific treatments (look through her certifications and feel free to contact her with other concerns), or simply want to relax and do something great for your body, reach out to her. I promise you will not regret it!