Kelly Madeira, Certified Massage Therapist Founder of Hands That Hear

Kelly, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist

Kelly has always known she wanted to be a source of compassion to those that are hurting, to make a difference in other’s lives, and to better her knowledge of health and wellness. She never knew how to do that specifically within a career that fit her gifts and calling– that is, not until she learned of massage therapy.

Kelly decided to become a licensed massage therapist for many reasons. The three that stand out the most are that she loves people dearly, her interest and passion in alternative healthcare is ever-increasing, and her love language has always been physical touch. Kelly finds the art of touch one of the most powerful God-given forms of healing we as human beings possess, and she sees it lacking and abused so much in today’s society. Serving a community that is overworked, stressed and hurting through massage is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. It is a responsibility she hopes to live up to well, and a lifestyle she hopes to always lead by example.

Along with being fully licensed, Kelly is certified in manual lymphatic drainage, prenatal, and postpartum disciplines. She also hold certifications in Medical Massage for sciatica and upper trapezius muscle syndrome. She is constantly learning and thrilled at every opportunity to further her professional development through continuing education courses.

When she’s not practicing massage, she loves hiking mountains all over the Carolinas, swing dancing, supporting missions, reading, journaling, and spending quality time with her incredibly supportive family.

She has been privileged with every opportunity to better serve you and your health holistically through massage therapy, and thanks you sincerely for choosing her as your therapist. Contact her with any questions, or connect via her LinkedIn profile. Thank you for choosing Hands That Hear!