Ionic Foot Detox

30 minutes: $40 | 15 minutes (recommended for children): $20

The IonCleanse by A Major Difference purifies and cleanses the body through the healing power of positively and negatively charged ions. Ionic foot baths produce the same kind of beneficial ions that you would breathe on a beach or near a waterfall, but magnified many times over. The IonCleanse is one of the only foot cleanses created with medical-grade technology and the ONLY unit of its type to receive true FCC & CE safety approvals, making it the safest detox bath available. Read about all the benefits and scientific studies via my blog post.

ionic foot detox

Far Infrared Sauna

30 minutes: $25

Infrared saunas release 7x more toxins than a traditional sauna by heating the body inside-out versus outside-in. They have been proven to increase circulation, lower blood pressure and inflammation (for chronic conditions), quicken exercise recovery, and increase collagen production for glowing skin. It’s recommended that women wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt / athletic top and that men wear athletic shorts while in the sauna.

*Please bring a change of clothes with you just in case and your own towel to sit on in the sauna for sanitary purposes.