“The water turns black, Kel!” my 91-year old grandmother declared. “It’s helping my cough… it makes my skin so soft in the winter!” And so began my intensive research journey on the IonCleanse by AMD and the ionic foot detox phenomena versus fad as a whole.

AMD: The Medical Grade Difference

There are so many foot detoxes out there it would make your head spin, but what sets AMD (A Major Difference) apart is this: it uses medical grade technology, which 99% of other foot detox units on the market do not have.

Potential Hazards of Receiving a Non-Medical Grade Ionic Foot Detox:

  • electric shock
  • EMF exposure
  • damage to other electrical devices, such as your TV, computer, etc.

The medical-grade power supply via AMD passed government-regulated leakage test standards for a medical device, which means there is no potential for EMF exposure, electric shock (even if your child dropped the array in the water!), or damage to other electrical devices.

AMD Ionic Foot Detox vs Other Brands:

In addition to having a medical-grade power supply, attached is a helpful chart if you compare other ionic foot detoxes on the market:

My Experience

It’s safe to say I’m a research-aholic. I love finding the best of the best of any praised health modality out there.

With that said, in wanting to experience this for myself, I soon realized there were different brands of foot detoxes offered all across upstate South Carolina, but only one practice that offered the IonCleanse by AMD. (The only downside for some is it is only offered to established clients or as a package, not as a stand-alone service.)

Although the most benefits are noticed after two months of consistent use, my one-time experience did deeply induce relaxation and I was aware of my skin purging within just a few hours post-cleanse (a common response for me when on any detox protocol, which affirmed for me personally that it was working).

My first experience with an ionic foot detox– I was immensely fascinated by the changing colors!

What To Expect

30 to 45-minutes is the average time frame of foot cleansing for adults, and 10-20 minutes for children, depending on age and the severity of their condition.

This is a wonderful time to read, journal, and listen to music.

Although herx reactions with this particular detox are very rare, everyone is a little different in their response. In the event of this, drinking more water with added electrolytes and/or trace minerals is key. Dry brushing and/or exfoliating with a loofa in the shower, rebounding, sweating (pair with an infrared sauna session!), and eating extra healthy fats (Omega 3’s, flax seed oil, avocado, etc.) help with inflammation levels as your body purges.

So, How Does The Ionic Foot Detox Work?

A clean, filtered current provided through the medical-grade power supply is delivered into the water basin, which does two things.

  1. It elicits a parasymphathetic (this is the rest + digest part of your nervous system) response in the body.
  2. It generates positively and negatively charged ions. These ions draw oppositely charged toxins from the relaxed body into the water.

In nature, ions are generated by the movement of water molecules. Have you noticed how good you feel while walking along a beach or near a waterfall? The same reaction is created with the IonCleanse process, only magnified many times over.

This process of ionization also helps facilitate alkalization, which removes “free radicals” from the body. According to an Oriental Medical Physician in California, this detox will continue to alkalize the body up to 48 hours after the treatment, via urination and sweat. As many of us know, an alkaline body is crucial to a person’s health.

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

Dr. Otto Warburg

Color Changes: What Do They Mean?

Although some color change will happen due to toxins being removed from the body via this foot detox, it will change color with or without feet. Its main color change is due to a chemical reaction between the salts, electrical current and water. This is why there are many skeptics out there about ionic foot cleanses and with GOOD REASON! Most don’t work properly and these color changes don’t directly correlate to detoxification, as some claim about their machines. However, the IonCleanse has study after study proving it is an effective mode of detoxification. With this is mind, use this color key chart, not as a diagnostic tool, but as a helpful guide:

color key chart for an ionic foot detox bath

Scientific Studies

“The single most exciting aspect of this treatment option is that it does not try to shut down my immune system in order to induce gains. THIS IS IT!! THIS is giving me my life back! I am so very grateful!!”

Myasthenia Gravis Participant

The last study listed above truly blew my mind, and I encourage everyone to read it, as its cleansing protocols and testimonials are all very readable. All 27 parents’ responses to the outcome their autistic children had were overwhelmingly positive. Here is one of the many I’ll share:

“We started with an ATEC of 49 and ended with an ATEC score of 11. My son is doing amazingly well. I’d done every possible intervention before the IonCleanse and he was not making gains. Thanks to the IonCleanse he is speaking more than ever. He’s in regular ed classes for the first time in his life and he is truly coming out of the fog of autism. I expect he will go to college, get married and have a great life thanks to you all!”

Anonymous parent of a 15-year old autistic son

Who Could This Help?

The short answer– everyone! We all live in toxic environments, some more than others.

The above studies give a strong basis for it benefiting those with autism and autoimmune conditions.

The best candidates for this detox may also be for those desiring to detox from heavy metals, as found in:

  • amalgam fillings
  • breast implants (recommended post-removal)
  • heavy electronic exposure
  • vaccines

There is no age limitation on who can experience it and benefit, whether you are five or 91 (like my grandma!).

How Soon Will I Notice a Difference?

Our individual health journeys are all very different, and our living environments can play a huge role in how well we will detox! Our daily eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercising habits (or lack thereof) are hugely dependent on how beneficial this cleanse will be. If we decide to not increase our hydration levels, retire late in the evening, consume acidic food (psst sugar is acidic!), etc. following this cleanse our positive response could be limited.

ionic foot detox, lemon water, hydrate

The most changes, however, are noticed after two months of consistent use.

Who Should Not Use the Ionic Foot Detox?

Unless released through a physician’s note, the following contraindications for this cleanse are:

  • Wearers of a pacemaker, or any other electrical implant
  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Those on heartbeat regulating medication and/or blood thinners
  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Those on medication, the absence of which would cause mental or physical impairment, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc.

Final Thoughts

I can confidently state I believe this to be one of the absolute best, if not the best, ionic foot detox on the market. I would not be offering it within my wellness center if I wasn’t 100% convinced it would add exponential value as an alternative therapy for my adult clients and their children.

All in all, an ionic foot detox is just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle. It is one more holistic therapy to consider, one more potentially missing piece to the puzzle. I feel immensely honored I am able to offer it to you, along with Whole Body Vibration, massage therapy, or an infrared sauna service for expedited healing.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,”

    your unfailing love, Lord, supported me.

Psalm 94:18

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